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Attorney Mario McCartney assists clients in a number of areas of Bahamian law. As a specialist in the corporate and commercial practice, Mr. McCartney has proven valuable for individual and corporate entities seeking legal guidance while establishing corporate and investment vehicles within The Bahamas. Mr. McCartney works closely with clients to formulate offshore corporate structures, advice on trust and estate strategies, wealth preservation structures, and making direct investments within the archipelago.

Having founded the Lex Justis Chambers in January of 2008, Mr. McCartney was admitted to the Bahamas Bar in 2006 having received his LLB (Hons.) degree from the University of Buckingham (Buckingham, United Kingdom) and post graduate qualifications from Northumbria University (Newcastle, United Kingdom). Since its inception, the law practice has grown into a well respected boutique practice, acting as or providing legal counsel in a number of high valued corporate and commercial disputes and transactions.

Mr. McCartney’s involvement in advising and acting as a director in local business establishments gives him exceptional insight into the corporate governance and directorship in locally established companies. He is comfortable with numbers and understands how the needs of his clients are most effectively secured in the dynamic environment of The Bahamas. Mr. McCartney assesses how the law affects his clients, generates creative solutions to their complex situations, and carefully communicated these options.

Prior to receiving his law degree, Mr. McCartney had also earned his BA (Hons.) in Political Science from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), during which he continued to be avid student athlete from his high school years in The Bahamas and fined tuned his desire to have a career in law through donating his time and efforts in non-profit legal associations such as FCJ Hamilton House (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and later within the UK’s CitizenAdvice Bureau (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom). Currently Mr. McCartney is the author of the legal weblog for Lex Justis Chambers and plans to publish other legal works and commentaries dedicated to the practice of law in The Bahamas in the near future.