On a busy afternoon in the heart of downtown Nassau, a young barrister would find himself in the middle of the parking lot of the national post office building, staring at the brick and mortar that housed the Office of the Attorney General where he was scheduled for a conference. His love for the law would be discovered in his natural knack for researching cases, and soon became an inspiration for the firm’s present name, Lex Justis, which he coined after combining the names of two of his favorite online references in law school, all while standing in the post office parking lot. Form that moment on the name of the firm would be introduced to the world, not only as law firm but also as a source of legal knowledge for both the local and international communities who want to learn more about the law in The Bahamas through the firm’s website where it provides legal articles on various legal topics.

Fast forward several years and the firm continues to thrive on its own merit, winning a number of awards, and assisting international journalist with reports involving legal matters in The Bahamas. The firm has been able to maintain its unique approach in providing legal services by remaining versatile, keeping updated in the law, and building strong relationships with its clients. Presently we are known in the community as a boutique corporate law firm, having solidified ourselves as an established corporate and commercial service provider, catering to various individuals and corporations throughout the world. It would be unreasonable to think that this firm only deals with corporate matters as this firm considers itself to be well versed in multiple legal areas and able to provide services proficiently and with a high degree of professionalism regardless of whether providing in house counsel services to corporate clients or representing client in litigious matters.

Apart from our legal services, the firm has also adopted a humanitarian approach in publishing articles on various topics in Bahamian law and interacts with persons who wish to learn more about the topic. The firm has also integrated the use of technology in its affairs and has embraced social media to demonstrate the island lifestyles in the eyes of the firm.